Enjoy your Outdoor space, late into the family time of evening or control the sunlight during the relaxing days.

Sunshades will help reduce and control unwanted brightness as you desire. Giving you the possibility to gain more control over your family time.

Sunlight Illuminated Valances will provide indirect illumination of 12 volt LED lighting. Allowing you to enjoy your sunroom past the setting sun.


28 years of creating rooms meant to enjoy the sunshine, there is a certain irony in creating a product intended to control it. At Sunspace we know that sunroom owners enjoy their indoor/outdoor family spaces and sometimes want the added comfort and privacy of adjustable shade. So we came up with a solution.

Like "Sunglasses" for your windows, Sunshades are custom fit to your sunroom, block harmful U.V. rays and unwanted light. These are ideal for media rooms, studies or any sun-facing room where sun or glare control is desired.

When ordered with a new sunroom, there is no additional measurements needed! Your sunshades will be custom sized to suit your widows, delivered alongside your new sunroom and installed by factory professionals.


  • Available with Openness factor of 3% or 5%
  • Easy to raise and lower
  • Simple, effective & economical
  • Environmental Certification: GREENGUARD Certified
  • Protect furniture from damaging Ultra Violet (UV) rays
  • Reduce glare
  • Diffuse light

Available Colors

White - 101
VLT 15%
Linen - 102
VLT 18%
Pearl - 209
VLT 12%
Sand - 107
VLT 16%
Ash Pearl - 218
VLT 7%
Shale - 220
VLT 7%
Tan Stone - 216
VLT 6%
Magnetic Stone - 211
VLT 6%
Black - 404
VLT 7%
Midnight - 063
VLT 6%

Sunlight Illuminated Valence

Just because the sun goes down does not mean it’s time to pack it up. Whether a late night, early morning or cloudy day, you can further enjoy your out of doors family space longer with a Sunlight Illuminated Valance.

The 3200k the 12v LED system gives off a warm glow. This is almost the exact same light warmth that we receive from the sun without the added heat or energy consumption of a florescent or incandescent bulb

Sunlight Illuminated Valences are a cassette system that adapts easily to any size configuration. Every valence system is professionally installed, custom fit to suit your sunroom and can be attached to standard switches or magnetic dimmers for ultimate illumination control.


  • The sunlight system is comprised of 12v LEDs making it energy efficient
  • 3200K that matches the same warm light we see from the sun
  • Gives indirect light that is never harsh to your eyes
  • The LEDs are a cassette system that makes it extremely easy to service (if the need arises)

Available Colors


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