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Sunspace Modular Enclosures began modestly in 1991. In those early start-up days, the owners went to the client’s project site, measured their deck and drew the design of the Sunroom by hand. They would cut and assemble all the parts and install the Sunrooms themselves.


While perfecting the craft of designing, building, assembling and installing beautiful indoor/outdoor living spaces, Sunspace dedicated a lot of time and effort to research and development. Their goal was to engineer the highest quality product while establishing the most efficient manufacturing process. This dedication to bringing consumers the highest quality product at affordable prices paid off and in 1997 Sunspace expanded to take on Independent business Authorized Dealers to promote and sell their products across Canada and the United States. We pride ourselves on providing tremendous support to our Dealers.

The overwhelming demand for Sunspace products prompted us to relocate our manufacturing facilities in 2006 to Newcastle Ontario, into what has grown to be an over 150,000 square foot facility. This expansion allowed us to bring more of the manufacturing process in house, drastically reducing the time it takes to build a Sunroom and ensure the highest level of quality in our products.

The demand for Sunspace products continues to grow and our team continues growing to meet it. Isn’t it interesting that the price of a Sunspace sunroom has increased only slightly over the last 20 years, providing more and more homeowners with options to comfortably add to their living space! Sunspace Dealers and their Teams of Factory Trained Installers have designed and built millions of square feet worth of indoor/outdoor living spaces for their customers to enjoy year after year.

Contact Sunspace Sunrooms today to get started on bringing your dreams to life with an indoor/outdoor living space customized to suit your property. That’s luxury you deserve.

A word from our President

Team Sunspace has been dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and support to our extended network of Sunspace and WeatherMaster independent business Dealers across Canada & The U.S.A. for over 30 years. Our goal is to continue providing home and business owners with an affordable solution to realize their dreams of a beautifully designed, top quality indoor/outdoor living space.

We take exceptional pride in our expanding product lines, the ever-increasing success of our outstanding independent business Sunspace Dealers and the hard-working Staff that make up the Sunspace family.

Steven Hunt
President & CEO

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