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Craig Sundecks and Porches is a residential outdoor leisure space design/build company. We specialize in residential projects that change the lives of the families we serve, by creating outdoor spaces that offer a high level of control. Through our quality product, we offer an experience to property owners that is more similar to an interior room but in an exterior setting. This allows our client to gain quality-lit, bug-free environments with options for temperature and tree pollen control.

Over the years, we have become known for our custom porches. Four-track window systems provide year-round enjoyment and are fully adjustable: stack up, stack down, or configure in the middle. We offer only the best products available: PGT Eze Breeze enclosures and SunSpace WeatherMaster Windows.

One of the greatest advantages of these rooms is the control of tree pollen and colder temperatures from November to March. With the introduction of a heat source, these rooms can be used almost year-round, and still be used as a full-screen porch come summertime.


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Please enjoy a selection of the many projects we are proud to have helped bring to life.

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