The Ultimate Colin & Justin Contest

On a grey, overcast day with a warm, pleasant breeze, we hovered around the outdoor kitchen inhaling delicious smells of smoked pulled pork, brisket and jerk chicken sliders, eyeballing the corn bread, coleslaws and a massive desert selection that included the most beautiful and mysterious of tarts. The welcoming committee, from Contest Sponsors Sunspace Sunrooms & Discovery Dream Homes were ready when a sleek, black SUV rolled in.  Doors open, groans of stiffness ensue and we got to meet, for the first time, the winners of The Ultimate Colin & Justin Contest.  Laura Watson, her adoring husband and good friends Jeff, Chandelle arrived with BIG smiles, handshakes and eyes immediately searching for those 2 elusive ‘gents Colin & Justin!


C&J ContestWinner2016-3035

C&J ContestWinner2016-3040

An impromptu tour of Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure Season 3 “Plan B Cottage” was on, Laura leading the way to first of 5 Bedrooms. The grins kept coming as she realised she was here to stay for the next 4 days. Delighted thoughts and comments rang through the cottage; “a different bedroom every night”, “showering will be awesome”, “love the kitchen and the views!!”, “Who’s going to cook for me?”, “Whiskey lounge every night!”, as the reality sunk that she had won the contest and was really here to enjoy this trip with her best of friends.

C&J ContestWinner2016-3097

En route to the Bunkie, this group of lucky winners encountered the rarest of beasts; the HaliWoodBurton White Dressed Deer leaping through the forest. Yup, Justin was coming with 2 bottles of Champagne and 4 goblets for their excited guests!

Justin bounded up the stairs to greet Laura who awaited him with a grin stretching from ear to ear.  Eyes sparkling, her delight was obvious at finally meeting 1 of the famed Designers and Cabin Pressure TV Show Hosts. Colin arrived and fast paced friendly Chatter quickly ensued!

C & J made fast friends with their guests, giggles and excited chatter followed them through a quick tour of the bunkie before settling everyone in on the covered porch now set with tables, chairs, wine and beer.

A few cork pops and the sky’s opened up! A true Haliburton greeting, washing away fatigue from their trip and cleansing the air for fresh pine smells to liven the spirit. While the rain poured, Chef Shane Leach, owner of Smokin’ Jakes BBQ Shack, briefed us on what he had prepared for our late lunch (due to wine and rain). The food was truly the best we’d tasted in a long time! Shane slowly smokes his own varieties of meat cuts. The BBQ sauce he makes himself, we wish the best of luck to anyone attempting to get him to divulge any hints as to the ingredients, you will need it.

C&J ContestWinner2016-3082

C&J ContestWinner2016-3050


Kirk from Discovery Dream Homes escorted us with a huge golf umbrella as we bounced through puddles towards the Screen Porch where our dynamic hosts were waiting. The afternoon was spent getting to know each other and chatting about behind the scenes shenanigans and drama on our favourite Design TV Show, many that never make it to the final cut 😉 The history of the lot where the cottage rests, local must see places and must do adventures. Who would sleep where? Friendly battles over who was going to sleepover with Colin & Justin first and peels of laughter following each quip.

A very Special thank you to Colin & Justin for hosting the contest, to Randy Blain and his awesome team for their hard work on this project and, to Discovery Dream Homes & Sunspace Sunrooms for supporting Season 3 and sponsoring this contest. We would also like to thank all of the people, businesses and suppliers that contributed to the stunning final product.