HGTV’s production team approached Sunspace because they heard Sunspace is all about design and innovation. They were looking for a patio cover for the deck of a cottage they were featuring in the HGTV’s Income Property on Vacation Series hosted by Scott McGillivray. The design department of the show originally wanted a deck cover where you could sit out, enjoy sunny days and keep dry during the rainy weather. Sunspace wanted to create a truly unique environment for the property owners. Starting with the model 100 which is a screened room typically with a solid roof. On this project Sunspace upgraded our model 100 and used an acrylic roof system with the heat stop acrylic in it and because of some of the requests from the design department we decided to do what we do best and use our creativity and incorporate into the design the Slide Clear Retractable Screen System. The highlight of this design is that the property owner is able to convert a simple patio cover into a screened in a matter of seconds.

Ken Tomkins from Sunspace of Lakefield participated in HGTV’s Income Property on Vacation – the Barry and Jenn episode. Barry and his girlfriend Jenn, need to rent Barry’s lakeside property to help put his kids through school, so he and Jenn can start to save for a home together. Income Property on Vacation is a spin-off of Contractor Scott McGillivray’s hit franchise Income Property, now with a deep dive into the rental market of vacation properties. Scott guides holiday homeowners through the process of building a vacation suite and banking the rental cheques – all while taking advantage of what the sun, surf and sand has to offer. Check out Income Property on Vacation on HGTV, Thursday at 4:00PM E/T.


There are a number of advantages when renting out an income property. You pay less tax, you can deduct losses for tax purposes and finally a regular monthly income is always a bonus!

Ken Tompkins of Sunspace of Lakefield is based in the heart of the Kawarthas and has worked with Sunspace since 2008. Ken and his crew participated in this outdoor cottage project. The weather was warm the week prior but then when they started Ken remembers it turning freezing cold. The only real challenge of this project they faced was getting the materials up as the deck was 20 feet up in the air.

Working on the patio cover the team modified the design as they went along. Starting out with the model 100 screened in room then adding the acrylic roof system allowing even light distribution to give the space a beautiful brightness and glow. Then they configured the screens and installed The Sunspace Slide Clear pleated screen system. It is a innovative solution where retractable screens are necessary. The Slide Clear screen system can be designed for openings as large as 10 feet tall and up to 32 feet in width. Slide Clear has no bottom raised track or guide, instead it uses an extreme low profile PVC guide that is only 1/8 inch tall and can go over most surfaces. The other nice thing is it is not a spring system so it will stay in place if you let it go. On this project Sunspace was able to convert a simple patio cover into a bug proof room in a matter of seconds for the property owners Barry & Jenn.
As a valued branded dealer of Sunspace, Ken Tompkins said he loves to work with the Sunspace Acrylic Roof System because “the installation is light, easy to work with and less fallible. It may cost more but it is worth it and looks amazing!”


why sunspace

Sunspace was approached by HGTV’s Income Property on Vacation to work on a cottage located on Chandos Lake. Income Property designer’s first were introduced to Sunspace at the Fall 2014 Cottage Life Show. There were some challenges along the way, such as traveling on the long windy road into the cottage and the project site was a steep cliff. Other hurdles were the installation of the structure to be built on an existing older deck, the height of the deck and the steep slope of the cottage ground made it difficult to use ladders.

Also, with a quick turnaround other issues came up during the build such as there were restrictions to attach the sunroom to the cottage, it was essential that it is water resistant where the sunroom and cottage meet and the team had to constantly keep up communication with the designer’s requests to see if their vision could be manufactured or even safely installed. Ken Tompkins of Sunspace of Lakefield and his team worked together on this project for property owners Barry & Jenn.

It was quite a process to take into consideration all of the designer’s requests, to measure, to get drawings done and then go back to the designer’s to try and fulfill their vision. With five design changes,premeasuring and many modifications along the way the final result is absolutely stunning.

Property owners Barry & Jenn were thrilled with the final walk-through with host Scott McGillivary. When they walked out to the deck, Barry said “it is beyond my wildest expectations” and the view of beautiful Chandos Lake can be enjoyed without the presence of bugs. The Sunspace Sunroom has added great value to this income property where the owners can collect the big bucks and get no big bug bites. Welcome to Northern Ontario!

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