randy-blain-branded-ss-logoThe main contractor and the project management team of Colin and Justin’s Cabin Pressure for Season 2 & 3 is Randy Blain Construction Inc. / Sunspace of Huntsville. Randy Blain and his team were chosen because Colin & Justin had heard he was the best for this perfect lakeside fixer upper! Randy was called to the site to look over the structure, measure, and trouble shoot the plumbing, electrical and the water situation. What a mess! This job was a huge undertaking but the view was absolutely gorgeous and Colin & Justin had fallen in love with the charm and the view of Drag Lake in Haliburton, Ontario.

Randy Blain Construction Inc. was established in 2004 and provide licensed and professional contractor and project management services throughout the Huntsville and Muskoka Areas. They work with a strong team of experienced tradespeople to manage any scale of work with safety and excellence. Whatever your project, Randy Blain Construction Inc. and Sunspace of Huntsville will provide quality that will last the test of time.

sunroom-enclosure“Aye, our cottage is on the tilt. It’s little more than a crooked cabin, a ‘slanty shanty’, if you will.” says Colin & Justin. The season starts out with the Colin & Justin making their choice on a cottage with amazing views after seeing over 40 cottages. The structure needed a new foundation and in order to do this they had to lift the whole cottage up and out of the way while they installed a new basement. Once, the cottage was put back together, it is level and now in need of a new look!

Looking out at the water, swimming, lounging out on the dock, nighttime bonfires, entertaining family and friends, make for a relaxing weekend up at the cottage. These are the benefits of living in cottage country and building a cottage has an unique appeal but there are always challenges and surprises along the way.

Colin & Justin found a perfect lakeside fixer upper, Randy Blain is the main contractor and led the project management of the whole project in Season 2 & 3 of Cabin Pressure on Cottage Life Television.

Randy started out by checking out the cottage site, by making all the required measurements, trouble shooting the plumbing, electrical and the water situation. Randy had to think about if he was willing to take on the monstrous transformation. The question was raised – would he agree to be the contractor? The decision was YES and what a final result it was!

In this season, Colin & Justin faced some hurdles along the way. A new foundation was needed, where they had to lift up the cottage up and out of the way and then set it back down precisely and without disaster. There were little critters that had been invading the cottage for many years building nests in the walls and in the insulation. The dilemma of trying to get the work complete with the cold weather and sometimes even snowfall during the build. Transporting a 25 ft x 10 ft bunkie across Canada that had to be craned in down the old cottage dirt trail. Finally, having the design savvy to fit a new cottage into an old footprint. All making for great entertainment and an exciting Season on Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure.

Randy Blain is the main contractor and his team from Randy Blain Construction Inc. / Sunspace of Huntsville helped Colin & Justin on their journey of being cottage owners for the first time on their own. Sunspace products were proudly installed and displayed such as the WeatherMaster® Windows and Doors, the WeatherMaster® Plus Stacking Wall System, Glass Railings and SlideClear Retractable Screen Systems.


This was indeed a huge transformation from turning a quaint cabin into a luxurious summer retreat for Colin and Justin. A large main cottage with the addition of a Sunspace Sunroom and a wrap around deck with Sunspace Glass Railings adds style and definition. The combination of Western Red Cedar deck with the Sunspace rail­ings is a gorgeous contrast of natural wood, metal and glass. In addition to the main cottage there is a large bunkie with 4 bunks complete with a Sunspace Sunroom dining room.

When heading up to the cottage there are a lot of decisions on planning the meals and excitement on getting together to enjoy the food and drink. What a better spot to open up the Sunspace Sunroom dining area of Colin & Justin’s bunkie featured on Cabin Pressure on Cottage Life Television. The WeatherMaster® Window and Door System was installed and it is a gorgeous feature to open up the walls to dine and enjoy the spectacular view of Drag Lake.


With an amazing design vision and the crew that made it a reality, Cabin Pressure is a show that cannot be missed! Catch Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure which airs on Cottage Life Television.

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