logosAs the weather is heating up so is the anticipation of heading up to the cottage for another summer filled glass-railing
with swimming, entertaining friends and enjoying the peace and quiet of cottage country. Sunspace by Nortech is a locally family owned and operated business, they have proudly served the Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough & Haliburton area for over 15 years. Owners Chris & Wayne McNelly and their team of highly trained professionals were the installation team that worked on Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure, Season 2 & 3 on Cottage Life Television. In Season 2, the Scottish design duo are back again this time purchasing a Haliburton cottage on their own and the team from Sunspace by Nortech helped with the installation. Helping to install Sunspace products such as WeatherMaster® Windows and Doors, the WeatherMaster® Plus Stacking Wall System, Glass Railings and Slide Clear Retractable Screen Systems. “Aye, our cottage is on the tilt. It’s little more than a crooked cabin, a ‘slanty shanty’, if you will.” says Colin & Justin. The season starts out with the boys making their choice on a property with amazing views after seeing over 40 cottages. The structure needed a new foundation and in order to do this they had to lift the whole cottage up and out of the way while they installed a new basement. The cottage was put back together, level and now in need of a new look! This was indeed a huge transformation from turning a quaint cabin into a luxurious summer retreat for Colin and Justin. A large main cottage with the addition of a Sunspace Sunroom and a wrap around deck with Sunspace Glass Railings adds style and definition. The combination of Western Red Cedar deck with the Sunspace railings is a gorgeous contrast of natural wood, metal and glass. This durable wood is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks, this paired with the aluminum railing system built from structural aluminum alloy, is a very smart choice when it comes to durability and being low maintenance. In addition to the main cottage there is a large bunkie with 4 bunks complete with a Sunspace Sunroom dining room. Finally, no cottage is complete without the fire pit to roast marshmellows, and a dock with lounge area looking out to the awe-inspiring view of Drag Lake.


Sunspace of Nortech installed the WeatherMaster® doors into the bunkie’s dining room on Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure. Transporting the massive structure across Canada on a flat bed truck and then down the old cottage dirt path was a tricky situation. This cute four bunk bedded guest suite walks out to a gorgeous deck and hot tub. A perfect space for having guests over and opening up the dining room Sunspace WeatherMaster® doors to enjoy those beautiful sunsets and cool evening breeze. It was a team effort to install the WeatherMaster® Plus Stacking Door System into the bunkie. Sunspace was proud to display their first prototype on Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure. A new product that would revolutionize the way we use our indoor and outdoor space. You can literally move your wall aside, leaving you with a 6’ – 20’ opening. It is available in other configurations, heights and widths. It is designed for 3-Season use in wide or tall openings. It can be used in renovations, new construction or incorporated into our sunrooms and acrylic patio roofs. Providing weather protection and comfort while still providing ventilation from 0% – 75% – 100% and all the way open and stacked to the side to enjoy the outdoors. The Sunspace WeatherMaster® Plus Stacking Door System “has completely and utterly blown us away. It really is quite sensational and so incredibly flexible.” Colin commented on Sunspace’s product. TIP: Have you ever stored away your cottage furniture, cushions, carpet for the winter and discovered in the spring it has been totally discoloured by the sun? The WeatherMaster® ViewFlex Vinyl windows block heat, UV rays, wind insects and the elements to protect your furnishings all-year long.

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“Be protected by the elements but still be close to nature.” Justin commented on the Sunspace WeatherMaster® Plus Stacking System. Sunspace by Nortech helped to install the WeatherMaster® Windows and Doors, the WeatherMaster® Plus Stacking Wall System, Glass Railings and Slide Clear Retractable Screen Systems onto the addition of the original cottage on Season 2 of Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure. The timberframe built sunroom is a work of beauty that enhances the look and architecture of the original cottage. From the lake, the size of the cottage looks to be 50% larger and more substantial without looking overpowering in the serene setting. The Sunspace WeatherMaster® Plus Stacking Wall System fully opens up the room to the beautiful view of Drag Lake. Colin and Justin specifically designed the sunroom to be built in that area once they took into consideration of where the sunlight landed at the end of the day. Colin and Justin commented on the WeatherMaster® Plus Stacking System “A solid room can become totally connected to the outdoors.” The designers can appreciate Sunspace products “It is exactly what we were looking for and what the consumer is looking for. We always try to give flexibility and give them a choice.” said Justin. A lot of time and effort goes into the transformation of a cottage. There are many hours of planning and hard work in sometimes not so kind weather conditions. It’s not easy being on a tv show build team during the construction and filming of the show. In order for Cabin Pressure’s production team to film each step and stage of the shoot, the team sometimes has to stop whatever they are working on to clear the set. With all the hurdles, it was all worth it – now stands a gorgeous black rail beauty. With an amazing design vision and the crew that made it a reality, Cabin Pressure is a show that cannot be missed! Catch Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure which airs on Cottage Life Television.v4t

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