The adventure of finding a property to purchase as an investment cottage to rent out can be exhausting but worth it in the end if you take the time and effort to do it right. In Season 3, of Colin and Justin’s Cabin Pressure, Sunspace by Nortech was the installation supplier of Sunspace products such as WeatherMaster® Windows and Doors, the WeatherMaster® Plus Stacking Wall System, Glass and Aluminum Railings and Slide Clear Retractable Screen Systems. The Sunspace Glass Railings were used to surround the deck for safety and to give the cottage a look of style with the integration of the black railings and the honey-toned wood. This look is warm and inviting and cottage renters will be lining up to rent out this beauty!

nortech-sitepic“It turned out incredible! So proud of our guys and all the hard work they do!” Chris McNelly from Sunspace by Nortech commented on the build. Colin and Justin’s vision for the cottage was to optimize everything for the renter. To increase the amount of space for their guests, the cottage was jacked up to create a livable downstairs space – perfect for renters. An additional bedroom was added, a whisky lounge, a music zone and tv area help to give the guests space to relax. An extra large sized log-cabin style bunkie inspired by the country was built with square cut logs and a pitched roof providing height and echoes the modern style of the main cabin. The outdoor space was also considered in the design process with clearing the view to the lake, adding outdoor walkways, a firepit, an amazing outdoor spa, complete with hot tub and sauna. Chris asked the question to Colin & Justin ‘Why Sunspace?’ and Justin replied that they were both very impressed with the Sunspace WeatherMaster® Plus Door System. They have always thought sunrooms are glorious in the summer months but wondered if there a way to extend the season and be able to enjoy the space for more months out of the year. Sunspace sunrooms solves this problem! Imagine opening up the wall system to create an indoor/outdoor space where you can take in the view of the lake and enjoy everything about cottage country without the bugs, the harmful UV rays and be protected from the elements.

cleaningColin and Justin’s design vision was to have a rental cottage that is modern, rustic and a place where guests can get away from their busy lives and enjoy the spectacular natural environment of cottage country. With our busy day-to-day lifestyle, there is a need to escape to the lake and take in the beautiful surroundings. In the main cottage, a Sunspace Sunroom was added and installed by Sunspace by Nortech. This outstanding space has the WeatherMaster® Plus Stacking Door System. It is designed for 3-Season use in wide or tall openings. They are all custom made and range in size from 60” wide and 54” tall, all the way to, 282” wide and 120” tall. Providing weather protection and comfort while still allowing ventilation from 0% – 75% – 100% and all the way open and stacked to one side for enjoying all of the outdoors. WeatherMaster® Vertical 3-Track Windows & Doors, Glass & Aluminum Railings and Slide Clear Retractable Screen Systems are all used in this fantastic design. All of the Sunspace products and design details add great value to the cottage and increase Colin & Justin’s rental income. “To optimize vistas, we opted for ‘WeatherMaster®
Sunspace screens whose memory vinyl ‘glazing’ remains impervious to wear and tear no matter how inclement the conditions. Fitted by Nortech they’re a beautiful detail. What’s more, stackable
up and down for air circulation, the black framed panels feature ‘invisible’ mesh screens to ward off entomological attack.” commented Colin & Justin on the design on the main sunroom.
When researching the rental market Colin & Justin realized that most properties had some kind of deck or porch where families get together to have a break from the sun or have a game of backgammon. They also took into consideration the position of the sunroom with the views of Drag Lake – to make it the ultimate cottage experience.


Previously, cottages were built to be simple in design, without electricity or indoor plumbing. People are now looking for a cottage retreat to spend their hard earned money and get the most out of why wm pg 3their vacation time with their loved ones. Smart planning and research can increase the demand and value of your rental cottage. Colin & Justin on Cabin Pressure made this a reality. Creating a
cottage with ample space for their guests was a priority. They really wanted a special retreat for people to come and enjoy. Everything that they have done it is not for them but for the ideal renter. A kitchen that could accommodate 12, a main cottage with a spectacular Sunroom for the overflow of guests, a basement that boasts extra space, an outdoor spa, a fabulous outdoor dining space with a pergola and an extra large bunkie for even more people. Sunspace by Nortech helped to install the Sunspace Weather-Master® Windows and Doors, the WeatherMaster® Plus Stacking
Wall System, Glass and Aluminum Railings and Slide Clear Retractable Screen Systems. When Chris from Sunspace by Nortech asked Colin & Justin “Why Nortech?” he got a very positive response from the design duo. “We were really impressed with your quick service!” said Colin. “It is really important to have someone who is reliable and who you have a good working relationship with.” said Justin. With all the giggles and shenanigans that went on behind the scenes during the making of Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure everyone at Sunspace by Nortech is very proud and
honored to be apart of this incredible project. You can’t always plan every detail of how your cottage build will go. There are many unexpected costs along the way, that can appear in the middle of a project, that should be factored into the budget. Sometimes, it’s the surprises and the changes made that can lead to new ideas and developments that make the project better in the end.

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